M22 Design & Consultancy Ltd. 
Established in 2010, M22 was founded by a group of marketing ,branding and interior design professionals focusing on creating creative marketing strategies and executing the marketing ideas for clients at the same time we are also working on  interior design project and ECO furniture . Interior Design we have been bringing a contemporary interior style that integrated artistry and functionality to our clients with a team of passionate, professional interior designers and breadth of experience and skill. The essence of our work is not only found in the creation of concept development to fulfill our client's needs but also to balances the richness and details between minimalism and functionality in order to create a refined simplicity that carries bigger thoughts.

Creative Marketing We provide online and one creative promotion ideas to with your company’s marketing strategies to enhance brand awareness Branding Design In fact, an item with a compelling design on it has so much more value that it can sometimes gain worldwide recognition for the entire company simply from that one design. 致力於各類型品牌設計、品牌推廣、室內設計、智能辦公室、大廈翻新維修及空間規劃。更積極推動兒童藝術啓蒙發展,透過多元化的藝術課程令兒童有更好的成長及發展。